Foundational Planning with Your Family Bank

Are you 100% certain you are going to have a great retirement or do you have some doubt?


Many families have doubt....why is that?  Because families are drowning in debt...their financial houses are on fire!  With Your Family Bank, we show families and business owners how to responsibly & expeditiously pay off all of their include the following items:

Mortgages, business debts, car loans, credit cards, school loans, etc...

The best part of the process is we "find" money.  We don't expect the family to come to the table with more money, because they are already strapped.  We help them identify inefficiencies in spending and direct these dollars toward their own "bank"....We are able to help the average family accomplish complete debt payoff in roughly 9 years.  Once we plug the leak of interest payments and tax inefficiencies, the family can really begin to plan for their future.  How can you get ahead when you have more going out the back door in interest and taxes than coming in the front door in income and interest earnings?  You really can't.  If you take the time to sit with us for 45 minutes, we can create your personalized Big Picture Report to give you your exact numbers.  It has been life changing and sustainable for our clients due to the true track you run on.  In the end, our families end up with more money and benefits than paying their lenders directly.

Who is Your Family Bank for?

Young Adult Graduates...


Many young adults can't qualify for a mortgage due to their student debt...YFB can help.



Many famililes financial houses are on fire.  YFB is a powerful tool to get families on track for the future.

Small Business Owners...


You are in business for a have control of your time and make money.  YFB can help your business become more profitable over time with our efficient debt pay off process.