Estate Planning 101...

Why everyone needs it....

I hate the term "Estate Planning".  It sounds so fancy and conjures up imagery of grandeur.  Reminds me of the term Estate Sale...remember when that actually meant something?  Today,  Estate Planning is really for all adults....18-100...why the types of documents may be different, the need is still there.  It's important to get educated, so you can make an informed decision regarding what documents will be best for your family.

Have you heard that Estate Planning is expensive?  It's definitely not inexpensive, but it's much less expensive to put the documents in place before a problem arises.  You can imagine how expensive most families current plans are (no documents).   

We feel that proper Estate Planning is a critical part of what we do at The Wealth Store.  It is important to make sure all of the control mechanisms are in place to allow access and control to the person that's been named.  I encourage you to check out Premier Estate Planning.  Just click the link and it will take you to the website.

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